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the sanctions. john kerry will travel there on tuesday and says the u.s. and the allies are putting russia on notice. >> all of them. every single one of them are prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. they are prepared to put sanctions in place. they are prepared to isolate russia economically. >> making it cheer the u.s. has no plans to use military force against russia but suggested the u.s. would boy scott the summit if moscow continues down its current path. >>> back in the bay area, more than 100 protesters gathered in front of san francisco's russian conflict are for a second straight day urging the russian president to back off. >> we need the whole world to stay up and stop puttin. you can not just invade their territory. >> we tried to make contact but nobody answered the phone. >>> how many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? >> still to come, governor brown gives his opinion on the push to legalize pot. >>> and drinking laws could get looser in california but only for one specific and underage group
of interpretations. but i don't think that is fooling anybody. >> secretary of state john kerry was in kiev today to meet with the ukraine's acting president an he urged putin to step down. >>> well the markets like the news that the tensions were easing. the dow jones shot up 227 points to its best close of the year. >>> a live look at downtown san francisco. it is dry now, but paul is tracking more rain. >> fog first, then we are dry most of the day tomorrow. but as we look live to the north on kpix5 high definition doppler, here comes the next round of rainfall. it will be raining steady two or three hours to the north tomorrow. but it will take until tomorrow evening before the rain makes it here. we have had a lot of rain recently and it has helped. the snow pack is up 9%. reservoirs are two percent normal. we will add two chances of rain in the forecast. we will talk about both and the weekend coming up. >>> thanks paul. a bay area man meets his family for dinner but never makes it home. the search going on right now. >>> the food you want, but may not be able to get because of the drought.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)